Nikki Nelson


Nikki grew up in the weird city of Portland which is conveniently situated ~1 hr from Mt. Hood, the Oregon coast, and the Columbia river gorge. While this turned her into a craft beer and coffee snob, it also cultivated her love for mountains and the outdoors once she overcame her angsty middle school phase of being too cool for hiking.

After moving to LA to eat $1.25 tacos and study mechanical engineering, she realized that being into the outdoors was not as commonplace as she originally thought. She joined SC Outfitters to find some like minded granola crunchers and fell in love with the org and the eastern sierra’s. Now in her junior year, she can be found backpacking in the Sierras, skiing in Mammoth, or consuming happy hour margs at La Barca. Special skills include: discussing the accuracy of the show Portlandia, drinking at altitude, and avoiding Los Angeles on the weekends.