President - Arthur Johnston

The director of SC Outfitters, who is entrusted with crafting a unique vision for the organization’s trajectory. Chairs Long Board and acts as our official representative to USC administration.

Sponsorship and Communications Director - Jenny dEneen

Maintains our relationships with our sponsors as well as creating new relationships.

Membership Director - Lizzie Fedde

Our link between guides and the member community. Organizes our member and campus-wide events and facilitates new ways for SC Outfitters to reach more students.

Equipment Director (“Gear-u”) - Alexander Maleitas

Maintains our robust cache of communal gear, and plans for future purchases that enhance the SC Outfitters trip experience.

Trip Director - Whitney Yost

I’m the new trip director so my job is to make sure we have awesome trips going out every weekend. I joined SCO because I went on amazing trips with super cool guides as a member my freshman year and I got to meet other people who loved the outdoors as much as I did.

Finance Chair - Riley Walch


“Cash rules everything around me”

Keeping trip costs low and making sure the books don’t go negative.

Training Director - Charlie Toney and Kevin Fry

Ensures guides new and old are equipped with the necessary skills to run safe, efficient, and quality trips.

Technology Director - Margot Mel

Operates the technology essential to our ticketing, payment, and outreach infrastructures, and maintains the online systems we rely on for efficient customer service.


Recruitment Director - Declan Farr

Conducts our spring recruitment process. Is also in charge of organizing WFR for our guides and members.

 Community Outreach Director- Galen Freedman

Curates and retains our partnerships with local service organizations, and keeps the SC Outfitter community informed of volunteer opportunities within our monthly trip cycles.

Guide Relations Director - Alex McGrath and Nikki Nelson

Our Guide Relations Coordinator makes sure that our guides have the resources they need to connect with each other and the member community. A strong guide community ensures the best leadership and communication on trips.